Deseti brat GLOBETROTTER is the best choice for those who enjoy classic travel delights. It’s an active, adventure-filled tour that blends all themes, from experiencing the pleasures of the sea and food to hiking. The days are filled with fun and each evening is made exciting by the anticipation of the surprises the next day’s yet unknown location will bring.

As the tour doesn’t have a fixed itinerary (apart from the carefully crafted tour guide’s secret plan), we can be very open and flexible about different options, such as attending a local festival and visiting new friends made while travelling. We have the freedom to extend our stay in a town we really like and just surrender to the journey – where will it take us the next day? This is done under the watchful eye of Deseti brat: GLOBETROTTER, who makes sure the original concept of the tour is taken into account and complemented. So yes, it’s a classic travelling experience, but in an unorthodox way that enables you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.



Deseti brat CYCLIST

This is for all those who enjoy active holidays and that special feeling you get when exploring new horizons on a bike.