Deseti brat SEA DOG is the right choice for all sea enthusiasts. This active holiday takes place by and on the sea, above and below the sea surface. And we won’t forget the lakes and rivers, either.

There are so many beautiful spots in the world that it would be a sin to only admire one bay, one seaside town or one paradise beach and to always tantalise your taste buds in the same good quality seafood restaurant. That’s why Deseti brat: SEA DOG will take us on a trip where we’ll be exploring hidden spots by the sea and discovering fantastic islands, lagoons, paradise beaches and bays. To make it even more interesting, we’ll add some diverse activities to the mix, including enjoying some amazing seafood. Even Deseti brat: Food Lover will be green with envy! Make no mistake: this isn’t just a seaside holiday, it’s a very active tour!

Deseti brat SEA DOG


Deseti brat CYCLIST

This is for all those who enjoy active holidays and that special feeling you get when exploring new horizons on a bike.