Deseti brat FOOD LOVER will make sure that all our senses will be focussed on the gourmet delicacies that will tempt us along our way. We will join the locals while they prepare food and let them take us to their vast fields, the forest, fishing or merely to the local food market. The cooking courses we will attend will teach us how to prepare and present dishes typical of their land.

We will make our way to the narrow streets that hide the best local restaurants. In the evenings, we will be heard singing traditional songs accompanied by some local home-made liquid courage. Once we discover all the local herbs and spices, we will quickly realise that the way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach – holidays are no exception.

All this and more will make the common thread of our food lover’s journey: there will be cultural, historical, and natural attractions. First and foremost, it will be adventure-filled and ingeniously planned. Enjoy your meal!

Deseti brat FOOD LOVER


Deseti brat CYCLIST

This is for all those who enjoy active holidays and that special feeling you get when exploring new horizons on a bike.