Deseti brat BIKER is the right choice for all who love freedom of movement when travelling as well. On the road we will be our own masters, unbounded by time and space. We will travel country roads, mountain passes mountain roads and plains, passing small towns and large cities. We will experience different regions and villages and the curious people that live there. If you’ve ever travelled by motorbike you’ll know how timeless these tours are.

We’ll be renting different types of motorbikes, always those best suited for the terrain and road we’ll be exploring. If the group is large enough, there will be an accompanying vehicle with a mechanic, as well as an extra motorbike or two.

Engine power isn’t the most important factor. The motorbike is a means of transport which enables us to travel and explore everything that comes our way in a simple, comfortable, and safe manner.

Deseti brat BIKER


Deseti brat CYCLIST

This is for all those who enjoy active holidays and that special feeling you get when exploring new horizons on a bike.