Deseti brat HIKER is the right decision for all avid hikers and mountaineers. We go across hills, mountains, mountain passes, plateaus and then back again to the valley to cross a river and have a dip in it. We then continue along the path to meet people who lead their lives far removed from big cities. It’s always a pleasure to sit down and have tea with some hardy locals and find out what it is that fascinates us about these charming spots of the world.

Most days are spent hiking, conquering mountains and trekking across magical landscapes – sometimes through the jungle and sometimes across grassy plateaus. All Deseti brat HIKER journeys are suitable for everyone who has a basic level of fitness and is ready for hikes that last one or more days. Our main principle is to enjoy the hikes, that’s why we always take time to relax by a river, lake, the sea or in a local village. We will always find a good bite to eat and take the time to explore the natural, cultural and historical attractions on our way.

All our hiking adventures take place at moderate altitude and are not technically challenging. If any hikes are above 3500 – 4000 metres above sea level, this is explicitly stated – such adventures will mainly be found in our Custom Made Journeys.

Deseti brat HIKER


Deseti brat CYCLIST

This is for all those who enjoy active holidays and that special feeling you get when exploring new horizons on a bike.